Child Care Catering Services

Wholesome Kids Catering was specially created to serve childcare centres. They have been serving this field for 25 years and have stayed true and focused on this niche – and unique – field. They provide a range of permanent and short-term contract catering services, which include snacks, lunches, and beverages. Their meals are child-friendly and healthy, nutritious, and specially designed to appeal to children’s palates.

All menus and snacks are prepared in accordance with the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA) and the Canada Food Guide. Legislation and guidelines for children’s nutrition have evolved a lot over the past 25 years. We keep evolving with these changes. They also use Health Canada guidelines and ODPH (Ontario Dietitians and Public Health) guidelines for Nutrition in Child Care Settings when developing our menus. All menus are prepared by a talented and qualified team, including Red Seal Chefs and a Registered Dietitian, to ensure each menu is full of variety, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, sustainable protein, and local foods.

They believe that offering a variety of different foods is the best way to ensure a child is receiving a variety of vitamins and minerals that help keep their growing body strong and healthy. They work to combine fresh, local, organic, and delicious food combinations from each food group that kids will enjoy.

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